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How did the Scopes Trial illustrate the urban-rural split in the 1920s?

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Q & A : How did the Scopes Trial illustrate the urban-rural split in the 1920s? Added Legal Questions a In jurisprudence, a question of law (also known as a point of law) is a question which must be answered by applying relevant legal principles, by an interpretation of the law.[1] Such a question is distinct from a question of fact, which must be answered by reference to facts and evidence, and inferences arising from those facts. Answers to questions of law are generally expressed in terms of broad legal principles, and are capable of being applied to many situations, rather than being dependent on particular circumstances or factual situations. An answer to a question of law as applied to the particular facts of a case is often referred to as a "conclusion of law".

The Scopes Trial represented a clash between rural fundamentalism and urban modernism. -NOVANET
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